Peter Gleick: Destroying our Libraries: A Water Story

Libary of Alexandria, Courtesy: 49 BC, parts of the priceless Library of Alexandria burned, when Julius Caesar set a fire to the Egyptian fleet in the harbor and the fire spread.

Peter Gleick: Population and Water

Population discussions raise lots of hackles. And they bring the crazies out of the woodwork like termites when the Orkin Man appears.

Peter Gleick: Safe Water During Disasters: Preparing Better for the Inevitable

Disasters happen. Earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, tsunamis,…

Peter Gleick: The Kids Are Right: Turn off the Tap When You Brush Your Teeth

How to Save WaterOne of the key solutions to our water problems is to use the water we have more efficiently.

Peter Gleick: Crikey! Real Water Conservation and Efficiency in Australia

Regular readers of this blog know my feelings about the potential to improve the efficiency of our water use. Besides being cheaper and more environmentally beneficial than new supply options, efficiency improvements are easier to find.

Peter Gleick: Another Missed Opportunity to Fix California's Water Problems

It is raining this morning. Very unusual for September. Maybe we'll have a wet year.

Peter Gleick: New McCarthyism: Fear of Science and the War on Rationality

Fear of Knowledge and ScienceAs more and more of the world looks to knowledge, education and science as the routes out of poverty and conflict, parts of America seems to be slipping back toward the Dark Ages,

Peter Gleick: Temperance Flat Reservoir Falls Flat

Rigged feasibility study shows desperation for new surface reservoirs.
Peter Gleick

Peter Gleick: The Denominator Problem; Misleading Use of Water Numbers

I'm a believer in the power of facts and numbers to help make public policy.

Peter Gleick: An International Water Perspective; Water in Crisis

World Water Week I'm spending the week at the Stockholm Water Symposium, an international meeting involving more than 2,000 people from over 130 countries.

Peter Gleick: 'Drought Impacts on Unemployment Are Grossly Overstated'

Thus concludes a new comprehensive assessment of the impacts of the drought on Central Valley unemployment.