Peter Gleick: Climate-change Deniers Versus the Scientific Societies of the World -- Who Should we Listen to?

Where should the public, not versed in climate science, look for their information and knowledge about this debate about climate change?

Peter Gleick: The Best Argument Against Global Warming

Climate deniers have yet to produce an alternative, scientific argument that come close to explaining the evidence around the world that the climate is changing.

Peter Gleick: Improving Water Infrastructure with Dam Building, but for Whose Benefit?

Whether, where, and how to build new dams: the old Western debate.

Peter Gleick: Farm Water Success Stories

The Pacific Institute has just released a new report, California Farm Water Success Stories, including a separate video, describing a variety of different examples of innovation in California's agricultural sector showing the way toward more efficient water management and use.

Peter Gleick: Water Scofflaws -- Go Soak your Heads (Under a Low-flow Showerhead)

After years of inaction, blatant and willful violations of federal law, and lack of enforcement by previous administrations, the U.S. Department of Energy has just announced that they intend to pursue enforcement actions against the manufacturers of water-using appliances that violate national water and energy savings laws that have been on the books for nearly 20 years.

Peter Gleick: Turf Wars

Climate change is expected to bring less precipitation and more extreme droughts to certain parts of the world, causing electricity shortages in hydro-reliant countries.

Peter Gleick: Water Fountain Victory -- the Cavs Cave

OK, my crystal ball is often cloudy, but in my last post just two days ago, I predicted that the decision by the Cleveland Cavaliers to remove the drinking water fountains from the Quicken Loans Arena (the Q), ostensibly for health reasons, would ultimately be reversed.

Peter Gleick: Bottled Water Wars, and the War on Tap Water

In a month or two, I have a new book coming out from Island Press called Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water. Look for it at your local... well, wherever you buy books now.

Peter Gleick: Where to find one million acre-feet of water for California.

Californians have improved their efficiency of water use over the past 25 years. The state's economy and population have grown. But total water use has not grown, and per person, each Californian uses far less today. This improvement in efficiency has saved the state's collective rear end. So far.

Peter Gleick: Water for Haiti, Now

Information on the disaster in Haiti is only slowly coming out, but it is clear that the magnitude and extent of the catastrophe is vast, in a land seemingly cursed by endless environmental destruction.

Peter Gleick: Water, Climate Change, and International Security

It would be nice if water resources fell neatly into national political boundaries. It would be nice if countries that shared water resources cooperated more. It would be nice if climate change wasn't a growing threat to the stocks and flows of water around the world.

Peter Gleick: Saving our Tap Water -- the Problem and the Solution

In general, tap water in the United States is remarkably safe -- the envy of people in much of the rest of the world. The water-related diseases that still kill millions of people throughout the world, like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and more.