Peter Gleick: Peak Water

Peak water is coming. In some places, peak water is here. We're never going to run out of water -- water is a renewable natural resource (mostly). But increasingly, around the world, in the U.S., and locally, we are running up against peak water limits. The concept is so important and relevant that The New York Times chose the term "peak water" as one of its 33

Peter Gleick: 2010 Hottest Year on Record—The Graph That Should Be on the Front Page of Every Newspaper

Climate change is worsening, fast. The National Climate Data Center of the National Oceanic

Peter Gleick: State Needs More Water Storage – Underfoot

The massive rains over the past month are both a blessing and a curse for California.

Peter Gleick: Fiji Water — When Environment, Politics, and Economics Collide Over Bottled Water

Fiji Water, one of the world's most well-promoted brands of bottled water, is also one of the most secretive and private.

Peter Gleick: Sneaky Bottled Water Advertising

Americans drink bottled water for many reasons, including fear of the tap water, convenience, taste, and relentless, pervasive advertising.

Peter Gleick: The Human Right to Water, at Last

I've often daydreamed about what an alien civilization would think about Earth if it were ever to come visit.

Peter Gleick: Misusing California Water Numbers for Political Purposes: Jobs, Fish, and Lies

Anyone who pays attention to water in California knows that the state is just getting over (we hope) a serious three-year drought.

Peter Gleick: Time for a Drinking Water Fountain Renaissance

One of the reasons for the explosive growth in the sales of bottled water in the past two decades is the disappearance of public drinking water fountains.

Peter Gleick: Time for a "Cash for Water Clunkers" Program

The international water expert proposes a plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of the United States’ water resources.

Peter Gleick: California's Next One Million Acre-Feet of Water

This is a key time for California water: we are coming off of three years of serious drought and growing political conflict over water allocations.

Peter Gleick: How Much Water do YOU Use at Home?

A new tool for figuring out our home water and energy and greenhouse gas footprint.

Peter Gleick: Massive Water Bond Delayed: Back to more Realistic Water Solutions

The California Legislature pulled the massive $11 billion water bond from the November ballot and moved it to 2012.