The Stream, April 5: Irrigating Peru’s Desert

Peru Plans for a $500 million water project in Peru could divert…
Somalia Suffers from Severe Drought

Water and Food Security: Somalia Famine Grows, Drought Could Ease

Meteorologists are hopeful for future rainfall, though they say the current disaster was preventable. The lack of rain, which is also affecting neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia, and political instability have tipped Somalia into a food crisis that could persist, even as drought conditions abate.

The Stream, August 25: Dams – China’s Ticking Time Bombs

Southern Weekend, one of China’s major investigative news agencies,…

Australian Aid Flows to Zimbabwe for Water, Sanitation and Health

Beleaguered Zimbabweans can look forward to at least $10 million…

Light Rains Bring Little Relief to the Horn of Africa

ETHIOPIA -- Months of drought have decimated cattle populations…

Dangerous Bedfellows: Cholera Stricken Zimbabwe Braces for Malaria Outbreak

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- In Zimbabwe, the Cholera crisis…