A South American drought keeps global grain reserves tight, but it could mean good things for North American corn producers.

World Food Supplies Recover From Drought and Reach 15-Year High

Water scarcity and extreme weather are two reasons that food prices will stay high, however.

The Stream, October 12: Shell in Court Over Nigeria Oil Spills

The world must improve land and water management in order to…

Qatar Food Company Signs $1 billion Deal to Use Sudan Farmland

Sudan-Farmland-290Qatar furthers the trend of Gulf Arab Countries off-shoring their agricultural production to secure food supplies for its citizens and other populations in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Qatar’s Hassad Foods signed a deal last week, worth potentially $1 billion, to develop 20,000 acres of land in northern Sudan, Reuters reports. Cultivation could expand to 250,000 acres.

Drought and Deluge: Food Supplies in an Era of Climate Change

Agriculture in South and Southeast Asia affected by increasing temperatures and erratic water.