Infographic: Plan to Change Lake Ontario Water Level Regulations Considered by Canada, U.S.

Simulations using 20th-century climate data compare Lake Ontario…

Lake Ontario Water Level Plan Tests Attitudes Toward Environment

Plan 2014, a proposal to alter lake levels and restore wetlands,…

The Forgotten Great Lake

On Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, COB reporter Codi Kozacek found that much is happening, but not many are looking.

Toxic Algae Blooms Prompt Clean-Up Commitment from Great Lakes Governors

State and provincial leaders act to end danger to Lake Erie, which has suffered from a resurgence of nutrient pollution and toxic algae outbreaks over the past decade.

A Discussion With Lana Pollack, U.S. Chair of the International Joint Commission

Lana Pollack, U.S. Chair of the IJC, talks with Circle of Blue last month in Chicago about some of the most pressing issues in the Great Lakes region.

Great Lakes Mayors Ask State and Federal Governments to Step Up On Algae

Drinking water summit focuses on Toledo water crisis. Photo…

Lake Erie Algae Blooms Prompt New International Targets for Phosphorus

Current targets not enough to stop algal toxins. Image…
S.S. Superior at the Port of Chicago

Report: Water Levels Hit Record Lows in Two Great Lakes, Wildlife Struggles to Cope with Changing Climate

Drought and reduced winter ice cover are contributing to declining water levels in the Great Lakes. As lakes Michigan and Huron hit record lows, a new report outlines what changes like this could mean for the region’s flora and fauna.
Great Lakes Biennial Meeting IJC 2011 Detroit Michigan

Report & Conference: Assessing Great Lakes Health and Future — Al Gore Delivers Keynote

In Detroit last week, three organizations involved in Great Lakes management held concurrent and joint meetings to discuss the future of one of the world’s largest sources of fresh surface water. Former Vice President Al Gore delivered the keynote address, linking climate change to water issues.