Groundwater Depletion Stresses Majority of World’s Largest Aquifers

Scientists do not know how much groundwater is left.

In Colorado River Basin, Groundwater Is Disappearing Much Faster than Lake Mead

Groundwater losses during historic drought equal one and a half…

California Drought Saps Water Reserves Above and Below Ground, Says Satellite Data

Snow is scarce, reservoirs are approaching bottom, and groundwater is being exhausted in the nation’s most populous state. More than a dozen communities face water shortages in the next 60 to 100 days, and there will be zero water deliveries from the state’s largest canal system this year.

NASA’s GRACE Satellites Show Colorado River Basin’s Biggest Water Losses Are Groundwater (2005-2013)

During presentations this week at the annual fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, researchers at the University of California, Irvine, announced that the region's most visible signs of drought – shrinking reservoirs – are dwarfed by groundwater losses.

Study: Texas Lost Enough Water in the 2011 Drought to Fill Lake Mead Nearly Twice Over

Most of the water evaporated from soils, according to new research…

Satellite Data Shows U.S. Water ‘Hotspots’

Scientists who use the GRACE satellite say they need more resources…

Report: Groundwater Pumping a Major Cause of Declining Water Storage in the Middle East

Satellite data shows the Tigris and Euphrates river basins are yet another example of how groundwater is being pumped at unsustainable rates across the world.

Report: Evaporation from California Irrigation Adds Enough Water to Colorado River to Supply 3 Million People

A new study says that cross-border evaporation can be added to the list of supply and policy problems that water and land managers in the arid Southwest US. should ponder.

Jay Famiglietti

Dr. Jay Famiglietti shows exactly how groundwater is depleted…