China’s Climate Emissions Are Global Issue, But Water Scarcity Is Greater Domestic Priority

China hosts its first U.N. climate conference as the country works to wed its financial and environmental ambitions.
Water & Energy Collision

In Era of Climate Change and Water Scarcity, Meeting National Energy Demand Confronts Major Impediments

The pursuit of energy development development reveal gaps in policymaking.

Water Demand is Flash Point in Dakota Oil Boom

Production from the Bakken Shale is projected to use up to 5.5 billion gallons of water annually.

EPA and State Department Square Off On Tar Sands Pipeline

Water use and greenhouse gas emissions are major concerns with oil interests plays.

Pipeline Ties Detroit Refinery to “Dirtiest Source of Fossil Fuels”

State department says oil is needed; Congress leader joins activists in raising concerns.

70 Percent of Himalayan Glaciers Gone by Next Century, Studies Say

Photographic and scientific evidence shows that the melting third pole is still devastating the region