Infographic: Hoover Dam’s Troubled Waters

Completed in 1935, Hoover Dam supplies electricity to 29 million people in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Lake Mead Drains to Record Low As Western Drought Deepens

Despite drying conditions, four states plan additional water…

Jolted by Reality, Colorado River Water Managers Plan for Persistent Drought

Unprepared for more years of drought, basin states work to preserve…

With Moisture Scarce, California Water Providers Turn to Economic Tools

California’s record drought prompts water districts to increase conservation spending, drain rainy day funds, and dramatically swell water rates.

NASA’s GRACE Satellites Show Colorado River Basin’s Biggest Water Losses Are Groundwater (2005-2013)

During presentations this week at the annual fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, researchers at the University of California, Irvine, announced that the region's most visible signs of drought – shrinking reservoirs – are dwarfed by groundwater losses.

Guess Who Proposed the Missouri River Pipeline in the Federal Government’s Colorado River Basin Study?

Hint: It’s not who you might think, says Circle of Blue reporter Brett Walton.
Central Arizona Project irrigation groundwater Colorado River farmland fallowing Arizona Yuma Mesa

Fallowing Farmland: A New Card in Arizona’s Water Shuffle

A pilot project will test how much water can be saved by not growing crops.
Colorado River

Fortune Telling: Colorado River Teeters Toward First-ever Shortage Declaration

In the short term, water prices would rise and groundwater pumping would increase. In the long term, demand would have to drop.

U.S. Marks At Least 65 Years of National Water Crisis

A short history lesson about water shortage, water wars, and…

Major Federal Study Sets Foundation for Colorado River Basin’s Future

Climate change and population growth will force the basin to…

U.S. and Mexico Sign Major Deal on Colorado River Issues: Delta Restoration, Infrastructure, Water Sharing

The agreement marks a turn in Colorado River management. Senior…

Photo Slideshow: Above the Colorado River

A bird's eye view of the Colorado River demonstrates how persistent drought conditions affect the basin and how the southern Nevada region manages its share of what trickles down.