Waukesha Great Lakes Diversion Approved

Governors vote to allow Wisconsin city to use Lake Michigan water in first exception to binational agreement.

Waukesha Awaits Great Lakes Water Diversion Decision

Approval of Wisconsin city’s request for Lake Michigan water is first test of bi-national agreement.

Waukesha Another Step Closer To Great Lakes Water

A regional committee found that the city meets the requirements for an out-of-basin diversion, with conditions.

Study: Line 5 Oil Spill Would Inundate Large Swaths Of Great Lakes Shoreline

Researchers identify areas where oil could spread in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.
Lake Michigan Great Lakes ice Great Lakes Compact water diversions public trust doctrine

Binational Commission Calls For Public Trust Framework For Great Lakes

States and provinces have made significant strides to prevent…

Line 5 Pipeline Task Force Highlights Weakness in Enbridge Management

Pipeline owner criticized for lapses in inspection and disclosure.

Michigan Pipeline Task Force Sets Stage for Line 5 Closure

Report calls for independent analysis of the risks, alternatives, and cost of a big oil spill in the Mackinac Straits.

Great Lakes Line 5 Oil Pipeline Safety Study Nears

Michigan will reveal information about energy-transport network under the Straits of Mackinac.

Asian Carp Swarm South of Chicago As Consensus on Permanent Solution Eludes Nation

New legislative proposal focuses on less expensive, short-term…
Data provided by the City of Waukesha and given to Circle of Blue by Steve Edlund show clearly that water levels in the City’s deep aquifer supply are rising, not falling as Waukesha officials assert in an application to draw its water from the Great Lakes.

In Apparent Contradiction, Data Shows Waukesha’s Groundwater Levels Rising, Not Falling

City’s case for diverting Great Lakes Water appears significantly weakened.

Great Lakes Ice Cover Most Extensive in 20 Years

Covering about 88 percent of the lakes on February 13, the ice…

The Stream, March 18: Low Water Levels Projected for Months in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron

Average water levels in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and other…