Infographic: Lake Titicaca Contends With Water Pollution and Climate Change

Receding glaciers, growing cities, and expanding agriculture threaten the highest navigable lake in the world.
NASA Satellite image of Lake Poyang

Pollution, Dry Weather Choke the World’s Major Lakes

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The Stream, January 13: Water Pollution Looms In Lake Titicaca

Growing urban populations, poor infrastructure and unenforced…

Out of the Mainstream: Water Rights, Water Territories and the Politics of Scale and Identity

An excerpt from the introductory chapter of Out of the Mainstream: Water Rights, Politics and Identity, a book on the effect modern society has on water culture and indigenous communities

Melting Glaciers, Drought Jeopardize Bolivian Capital’s Water

Planned migrations to water-rich areas are being considered as an emergency option as La Paz's water supply hangs in the balance.