Proposed Nevada Pipeline and Water Rights: Report Describes Worst-case Scenario, State Engineer Hears Case

On Monday, the Nevada state engineer will hear opening arguments in a water-rights case that has been ongoing for more than two decades. If passed, the construction of an extensive infrastructure network could dramatically raise the average monthly water bill for many of the state's residents, as well as impact public lands and endangered species.

The Price of Water: A Comparison of Water Rates, Usage in 30 U.S. Cities

"For more than 20 years industry has been moving south looking for cheaper labor, I'm hoping that now they'll start coming back looking for cheaper water."

U.S. Urban Residents Cut Water Usage; Utilities are Forced to Raise Prices

In too many American cities to count, water consumers are dramatically reducing the amount they use only to be hit with higher water rates.

Major Nevada Pipeline Project in Limbo

Plans for a major freshwater pipeline for the Las Vegas Valley hit a legal roadblock. A ruling from Nevada's Supreme Court last week has threatened the fate of a massive pipeline project once hailed as critical to Las Vegas’ freshwater supply