The Stream, August 9: Liquid Water on Mars?

The effects of a nine-month drought in Texas extend far beyond…

Study: Overpumping Draws Down the World’s Groundwater Reserves

Groundwater depletion doubled between 1960 and 2000.

Reservoir of Acidic Water Rises Beneath South Africa’s Largest City

Polluted groundwater has forced the South African government to scramble for solutions.

Peter Gleick: ‘And During the Wet Years They Lost All Memory of the Dry Years.’

California has just suffered through three years of drought. Certainly not the first such drought and not the last.

British Company Creates Cheap, Small-Scale Desalination for Agriculture

The new system, which uses sub-surface pipes to remove salts and deliver water to plants on demand, grew 200 prosopis trees in the United Arab Emirates' desert during a test-run.