The Growth of the Water Beat

News agencies carve out more space for water. Photo © Brett…

The Stream, December 27: Evaporation to Exacerbate Western Water Shortages

Temperatures nudged higher by climate change will increase evaporation…

The Stream, December 13: Drier Future Ahead for Colorado River-dependent States

A federal report said that demand for Colorado River water will…

The Stream, November 12: U.S. and Mexico Near Water-sharing Agreement on Border

The United States and Mexico are nearing an agreement on water-sharing…

The Stream, November 8: Early Look at Water in U.S. Ballot Results

Water-quality protection measures were among the 46 conservation-related…

Rio Grande Threatened by Radioactive Run-off

Rio Grande Threatened by Radioactive Run-offRadioactive waste is trickling toward New Mexico’s Rio Grande River from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, serving as a grim reminder of the site’s Cold War history, and potentially threatening northern New Mexico's drinking water.

Op-ed — A heartfelt plea for a sensible water policy

Dorthy Green discusses water use in California in a recent op-ed…