U.S. EPA Avoids Stricter Water Pollution Standards for Gulf of Mexico

Court decision makes it easier for EPA to leave nutrient pollution…

Marine Ecologist Studying the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Named MacArthur Fellow

To explain water quality in the Gulf, Dr. Nancy Rabalais looked…

The Stream, September 4: Global Tensions Over Shared Water

Global Tensions over Shared Water Tanzania and Malawi have agreed…

The Stream, August 29: Arctic Ice Reaches Record Low

With a few weeks still left in the annual melt season, Arctic…

The Mississippi Seesaw: Extreme Weather Begets Extreme River Levels

With historic drought following historic floods, the lower Mississippi…

The Stream, December 5: Afghanistan-Pakistan Water Relations

Afghanistan's plans to build 12 dams on the Kabul River, and…
Temperature Map

2011 is Record-setting Year for Climate Change: Ice Melts in Arctic, High Temps in U.S.

A new study has revealed that ice volume in the Arctic Sea reached an all-time low in 2010. Meanwhile, in the United States, more high-temperature records have been set this summer than in any other year previously, as well as many regions that have broken rainfall and drought records.

The Stream, September 13: Renewable Energy in Africa

After financing about $9.3 billion of hydropower in Africa, China…
An aerial view of an intentional breach in levee L-575 near Hamburg, Iowa, June 20. The intentional breach was created by the local sponsor and approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers following a full breach of the levee June 13. The intentional breach was conducted by the sponsor to delay the time in which the area behind the levee would flood. The levee is located at River Mile 552 in Atchison County, Mo. (U.S. Army Photo)

Water Continues to Rise: Floods Rage in States along Missouri River

Towns from Montana to Iowa are bracing for flood waters as heavy rains fall across the region and warm temperatures melt record snowfall.
Mississippi Flooding

Waiting on High Waters — Louisiana Prepares for the Mississippi Flood (Updated 5/16)

Emergency spillways will be used to shepherd the river to the sea.

The Stream, May 16: Droughts and Floods

A dire drought is forcing France to set severe restrictions on…

Q&A: Jonathan Waterman on Running Dry

Jonathan Waterman has lived for five months on the waters of the Colorado River--he's paddled its length and then walked when the river ran out.