Study: Shale Gas Fracking Taints Rivers in Pennsylvania

Though groundwater gets most of the attention, rivers are also affected by the rush of shale gas development across the United States, according to a new study that claims both wastewater and well development degrade water quality, but in different ways.
Top Ten Endangered Rivers

U.S. Conservation Group Releases Top 10 ‘Endangered Rivers’ Report

American Rivers' annual list highlights waterways with an immediate threat to their ecosystems.

States Seek Profit, Regulation from Natural Gas Drilling

Pennsylvania's latest budget proposal includes a tax on energy firms that tap the state’s shale gas reserves.

NYC Seeks to Ban Gas Drilling Within the City’s Watershed

Fracking could contaminate New York’s unfiltered water supply and require costly filtration, report says.

New York Water a Power Issue as Natural Gas Companies Hit Rock-bottom

Flirting with the idea of drilling for energy in the Marcellus shale.