With Moisture Scarce, California Water Providers Turn to Economic Tools

California’s record drought prompts water districts to increase conservation spending, drain rainy day funds, and dramatically swell water rates.

California’s Central Valley to Get More Water

As the state recovers from a three-year drought and copes with a deteriorating water infrastructure, the nation's food supply just got a boost.

U.S. Urban Residents Cut Water Usage; Utilities are Forced to Raise Prices

In too many American cities to count, water consumers are dramatically reducing the amount they use only to be hit with higher water rates.

Peter Gleick: Doing Desalination Wrong: Poseidon on the Public Dole

Many people believe that desalination of seawater is the ultimate solution to California (and the planet's) water problems. I've written about desalination in previous posts (see here and here), and have made it clear that I love the idea. In theory. And in select locations.