Study: Inadequate Groundwater for Current and Potential Demands in Basin Targeted by Las Vegas

Spring, creeks, and wetlands on the Nevada-Utah border are at risk in “worst case” pumping scenario, U.S. Geological Survey finds.

Water Supply at Risk, Las Vegas Considers $650 Million Insurance Policy

A new pumping station would draw water from the bottom of a shrinking Lake Mead.

Infographic: Hoover Dam’s Troubled Waters

Completed in 1935, Hoover Dam supplies electricity to 29 million people in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Lake Mead Drains to Record Low As Western Drought Deepens

Despite drying conditions, four states plan additional water…
Colorado River

Fortune Telling: Colorado River Teeters Toward First-ever Shortage Declaration

In the short term, water prices would rise and groundwater pumping would increase. In the long term, demand would have to drop.

The Stream, March 8: Disputes Over Dams, Rivers, and Groundwater

Water Disputes China is once again eying the Nu River (Salween…

The Stream, December 27: Evaporation to Exacerbate Western Water Shortages

Temperatures nudged higher by climate change will increase evaporation…

U.S. and Mexico Sign Major Deal on Colorado River Issues: Delta Restoration, Infrastructure, Water Sharing

The agreement marks a turn in Colorado River management. Senior…

Photo Slideshow: Above the Colorado River

A bird's eye view of the Colorado River demonstrates how persistent drought conditions affect the basin and how the southern Nevada region manages its share of what trickles down.

Proposed Nevada Pipeline and Water Rights: Report Describes Worst-case Scenario, State Engineer Hears Case

On Monday, the Nevada state engineer will hear opening arguments in a water-rights case that has been ongoing for more than two decades. If passed, the construction of an extensive infrastructure network could dramatically raise the average monthly water bill for many of the state's residents, as well as impact public lands and endangered species.
Digital Controls Improve Energy Efficiency

Digital Controls Improve Energy Efficiency at Colorado River Dams: Davis, Hoover, Parker

Mechanical parts from the 1950s are being replaced with digital controls at three dams.

Arizona’s Gamble — Conserve Water Now, Prevent Deeper Cuts Tomorrow

For years, the state took as much water as it could from Lake Mead; now it plans to leave some in the reservoir.