Wastewater Recycled for Drinking Water

Wastewater Recycled for Drinking: Low Water Reserves Prompt Australian Push

On Australia’s western coast, the city of Perth is in critical danger of depleting the water reserves held by its dams. In response, the government is pumping treated wastewater into the Gnangara Mound Aquifer.

The Stream, February 16: Asia’s Greenest Cities

Singapore is the green champion among Asia's cities, according…

Bottling Wastewater Expands Island’s Oasis—Singapore’s NEWater Path to Independence

Singapore is first to bottle and sell wastewater for drinking.

Peter Gleick: Water Lessons from Singapore

"In a move with all sorts of political, economic, and environmental implications, the government of Singapore recently announced that it will not renew one of its two water agreements with its neighbor Malaysia."

Singapore Will Cut Water Imports from Malaysia, Pursue Self-Sufficiency

Infrastructure to succeed Malaysia import agreement, expiring in 2011.