North Carolina Panel Approves Bailout for Indebted Sewer System

Cliffside Sanitary District, which serves around 75 customers, is under state control because of financial hardship.

EPA Investigates Chemical Contamination of North Carolina River

Nonstick chemical was found downstream of Chemours’ Fayetteville…

Lawsuits in Three States Target Groundwater Pollution under Clean Water Act

U.S. water law confronts hydrology. Photo courtesy of…

One Year After West Virginia Chemical Spill, U.S. Drinking Water Protections Still Fall Short

Vulnerabilities, exposed by the spill and incidents in North…

The Stream, October 12: Biofuels Spur Hunger

U.S. government support for biofuels and inaction on climate…

The Stream, June 8: Australian LNG

Australia's liquefied natural gas industry is on course for a…

North vs. South—Carolina States Settle Water Dispute Without Supreme Court

A negotiated agreement ends a three-year conflict between North Carolina and South Carolina over the Catawba and Yadkin rivers.

Water Issues Dividing and Challenging the U.S.

With floods across the Midwest, droughts along the Southwest, and legal skirmishes in the West and South—water issues are dividing the United States and challenging its citizens like never before. As first reported by Circle of Blue in July 2008, increasing competition for diminishing water supplies is driving the United States into an era of water scarcity.

North vs. South: Carolinas in Supreme Court Battle for Catawba River

The Catawba River is used by more than 30 cities and 17 counties for industry and drinking.

EPA Recognizes First Water Efficient House

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina -- As green builders proliferate…