Speaking of Water with Janis Searles Jones – Ocean Conservancy

Janis Searles Jones, CEO of the Ocean Conservancy speaks with Circle of Blue's J. Carl Ganter about where freshwater and ocean preservation meet.

Images from NASA’s Salt-Sensing Satellite

The Aquarius mission will help scientists understand the global…

The Stream, December 2: Climate Change Negotiations

The United States, along with Russia, Canada, Japan, China and…
Ocean Currents: Harness installation on primary structure

NASA Mission Measures How Ocean Salinity Affects Climate and Water Cycle

Launching in June, the Aquarius satellite mission will improve scientific understanding of the global water cycle.

Australia Builds Desalination Plants and Pipelines to Bring Water to Mines

To feed water-hungry mining industries, similar plans are in the works to supply drought-ridden regions of Australia and China.

Drinking From The Sea

Pressed by growing urban populations, drier and warmer climates and the need to fortify supplies stretched by the increasing worldwide thirst, metropolitan and national governments on five continents are building record numbers of industrial plants to use a nearly alchemic technology to produce drinking water from the sea.