One Year After Historic Drought, Good News From U.S. Corn Belt

A record harvest adds a new twist to the global food stocks roller…
The opening of the Morganza spillway resulted almost immediately in the flooding of farmland located within the floodway. Flooding of farmland caked in fertilizer is a threat to the Gulf of Mexico because it could increase the size of the dead-zone.

Agriculture and Sewage Dead Zone: Taking on Nutrient Pollution in the Mississippi River Watershed

As the impact of agriculture on water quality intensifies around the globe, two lawsuits in the United States aim to reduce the size of the Gulf of Mexico's ‘dead zone’ by setting limits on nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River Basin.

Higher Water Prices Needed Globally, OECD Says

A report from 30 of the richest countries in the world says raising water rates will help protect and maintain the precious resource for the future.