Oregon Capital Battles Algal Toxins in Drinking Water

Toxins result in ‘do not drink’ advisory for Salem, the latest U.S. city challenged by cyanobacteria.

Interior Department Supports Klamath Dam Removal

Permitting process still has years to go before demolition begins. By…

Oregon Congressman Releases Draft Klamath River Bill

Legislation does not authorize or fund dam removal.

Landmark Klamath Basin Water Agreement Is on Verge of Collapse

Congress could allow year-end deadline for review and enactment…

Infographic: Too Warm to Snow in California, Oregon, and Washington

Snowpack in February 2015 was pitifully low in the Cascades and…

Pacific Northwest’s Winter, Warm and Wet, Is Climate Change Preview

Little snow in sight looks to be the future of the American West.

Seven Ohio Drinking Water Sources Don’t Meet State Water Quality Standards for Toxic Algae

Lack of testing requirements inhibits more thorough review of…

The Stream, August 8: Rice — A Bright Spot for Global Food

Global affected 20,000 farmers and ruined about 6,500 hectares…

Dams Demolished, Rivers Revived

Dam decommissioning accelerates in the Pacific Northwest.

Nickeled Back: Oregon to Tax Bottled Water

For years people have been making weekly bottle runs, reaping…