Iran Water Transfer

Putting Iran’s Water Transfer Project in Perspective

Circle of Blue reporter Codi Yeager's thoughts on water transfer projects around the world.

The Stream, December 29: Cleaning Up The Potomac River

Washington, D.C. is ploughing ahead with a $2.6 billion underground…
Marafiq Plant in Al Jubail

Plumbing WikiLeaks: Saudi Arabia Fears Iranian Nuclear Meltdown and Potential Terrorism to Desalination

Classified cables show that Saudi and U.S. officials believe water supplies along the Persian Gulf are at high-risk for terrorist attacks and possible contamination from nearby nuclear plants. This is the first of a new series that will analyze the water-related U.S. embassy cables published by WikiLeaks.

Japan Considers Wastewater-for-Gas Trade with Qatar

The wastewater would be used as ballast for returning tankers.