‘It’s Raining Plastic’: Researchers Find Microscopic Fibers in Colorado Rain Samples

“We’re seeing plastics virtually everywhere we look,” U.S. Geological Survey researcher says.

Vietnam’s Tourism and Fishing Industries Drown in Waste

Plastic pollution, largely from Asia, chokes the world’s oceans. Jennifer…

Seattle University Bans Bottled Water on Campus

The university joins a nationwide movement to promote tap water over bottled water.

Q&A: Mission Plastiki—Catching Wind, Storing Rain: David de Rothschild’s Quest for Pacific Plastic

Following the Plastiki's journey 11,000 miles through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch--a Texas-sized gyre of plastic litter.

Eco-Explorer David de Rothschild Begins Trans-Pacific Journey on Catamaran of Plastic — the Plastiki

David de Rothschild's Plastiki voyage and vessel are designed to redefine global use, and reuse, of plastic.

Alternative Adventure: Eco-explorer David De Rothschild to Travel the Pacific in Plastic Ship

After traversing Antarctica in 2004 and spending more than 100 days crossing the Arctic in 2006, in mid-November British adventurer and ecologist David de Rothschild will hoist sail across the Pacific Ocean on a boat made of plastic, or what he calls “the dumbest” product on the planet.

The Battle for the “Greenest” Bottle

bottles Following Pepsi and Nestle, Coca Cola is entering the race for the greenest water bottle.