More Water for Fish, NOAA Declares

In an 800-page report, federal officials issued a dire prediction for California’s salmon -- they’re just about out of water. The only solution: cut water usage in the Central Valley.

Ganges River to Nourish Arsenic-affected Villages in India

Bihar, in eastern India, will soon launch projects to supply safe drinking water.

Beijing to Conserve Water Through Pricing

beijing Pressed for water resources, China’s capital is looking for alternative ways to aid its water supply.

New Report: Turbid Water Stirs Up Future of Insecurity for Asia

Asia faces unprecedented water challenges, experts say, but solutions are within reach.

More Than Bugs & Bunnies: Evaporating Okeechobee a Matter of Life and Death

Tempers flare across Florida as dry conditions persist -- perfect…

Old Mesopotamian Waters Inadequate for Thirsty Middle Eastern States

Iraq might be soaking in oil, but its water reservoirs have…

New Legislation to Restore Watersheds & Wilderness in American West

Protection for 2.1 million acres of land and 1,000 miles of rivers.

After Istanbul: Bridges Built and Burned Over Scarce Water

The United Arab Emirates might be rolling in oil and natural…

Faucet Flambé in Colorado Sparks Concern About Natural Gas Leaks

Water and fire don't mix, but in Colorado such idioms may soon explode.

A Capitol Offensive: Renowned Strategists Challenge U.S. to Lead Global Water Campaign

As the money tree of the world wilts, thirsty from neglect,…

Texas’ Water Shortages Could Cost State

aus_beryl_590_030309According to Texas’ chief Comptroller Susan Combs, water shortages combined with expected population growth could cost Texans’ their way of life.

Water Infrastructure & Maintenance Given Short End of Stimulus Stick

WASHINGTON -- An impressive nearly $1 trillion may soon flow…