The Stream, August 15: Cholera Spreads in Somalia

A cholera epidemic is spreading in drought- and famine-hit Somalia,…

Infographic: Wild Rice is Keystone Species for Upper Great Lakes Region

Wild Rice is an aquatic grass that is harvested annually for…
Infographic: Map of Pollution Levels in China

Infographic: Map of Pollution Levels in China’s Major River Basins

The seven major river basins, as a whole, have had steady improvements in water quality over the past decade.
Infographic: American Arsenic

Infographic: An Elemental Concern—Arsenic in Drinking Water

Arsenic is both naturally occurring and artificially produced, and the toxin is very dangerous since it often has no color, taste, or smell. This graphic breaks down how arsenic gets into drinking water supplies and how arsenic affects the U.S. on the state level.
Top Ten Endangered Rivers

U.S. Conservation Group Releases Top 10 ‘Endangered Rivers’ Report

American Rivers' annual list highlights waterways with an immediate threat to their ecosystems.

The Stream, March 1: What’s Choking China’s Growth?

Pollution and growing demand for resources threaten to halt China's…

The Stream, February 9: Drought in China

China barely gets mentioned in world food reports despite being…

Water Pollution Solution — New York Experiments with Coal Tar “Sponges” in Hudson River

Testing new methods to remove residual coal tar from riverbeds in New York.

EPA and Halliburton Skirmish — Promises of Safer Fracking Fluid

After denying EPA disclosure request, Halliburton promises safer fracking fluid and more disclosure.

Seattle University Bans Bottled Water on Campus

The university joins a nationwide movement to promote tap water over bottled water.

World’s Rivers Are in Crisis, Global Report Says

International study finds serious threats to the world’s fresh water.

Coal Ash Contaminates Groundwater and Drinking Water Sites in 21 States, Study Finds

The EPA must do a better job of regulating the waste and protecting the nation’s water supply.