Infographic: Wild Rice is Keystone Species for Upper Great Lakes Region

Wild Rice is an aquatic grass that is harvested annually for its nutritious grain. Throughout its growth cycle, wild rice encounters many external threats, both environmental and human-made, which are being compounded by the effects of climate change.

Click through the interactive infographic below to learn more about the growth cycle of wild rice, as well as how it plays an important role in the food web.

Infographic: Wild Rice

Infographic © Kelly Shea, Mark Townsend / Circle of Blue
Click image to open interactive infographic or click here for the HTML version of Wild Rice: A Keystone Species.

Infographic by Kelly Shea and Mark Townsend, Traverse City-based designers for Circle of Blue and recent graduates of Ball State University’s journalism graphics program.

This graphic was made to accompany Circle of Blue reporter Codi Yeager’s report, Where Food Grows on Water: Environmental and Human-made Threats to Wisconsin’s Wild Rice.

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