Fish Screens Are Part of The Answer to Saving Sacramento River Salmon

Out of social confrontation over water and fish in California…

Along Lake Superior Shore: Climate Change, CAFOs, and Camaraderie

Circle of Blue data reporter Kaye LaFond describes her experience as a fellow at the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources’ Lake Superior Institute.

Report: Fish Analysis Reveals Asian Carp Have Reproduced in Great Lakes Watershed

A new study shows grass carp reproduced at least once in the Sandusky River, but it cannot confirm an established population.

The Stream, March 6: More Than 1 Million Syrian Refugees

There are now more than 1 million Syrians either registered as…

The Stream, February 15: Drugs in the Water Change Wildlife Behavior

Fish and Pharmaceuticals A new study in Sweden found that the…

The Stream, October 24: Poor Food Outlook After Nigeria Floods

The worst flooding Nigeria has seen in 50 years has destroyed…

The Stream, August 28: Stockholm and the Nexus

This year's Stockholm International Water Week is placing a particular…
Public Art Purple Pipe

Mixing Art and Technology: North America’s Largest Membrane-filtration Sewage Plant Opens Near Seattle

The $1.8 billion Brightwater facility, 10 miles northeast of Seattle, eschews old notions of what a sewage plant is. State-of-the-art membrane technology produces reusable water, a trail system allows outdoor recreation, and wetlands give salmon a place to spawn.

Infographic: Wild Rice is Keystone Species for Upper Great Lakes Region

Wild Rice is an aquatic grass that is harvested annually for…

Peter Gleick: Playing God

In a desperate attempt to make it easier to solve California's…

Feds Pledge $47 Million To Asian Carp Fight; States Appeal Court Loss

Last week, the Obama Administration announced an updated plan, which included additional research but not closing the Chicago locks.

Asian Carp — On the Docket in D.C. and Chicago; On the Menu in Michigan

Federal judge rejects Asian carp injunction as Congress passes a ban on their import.