The Stream, February 15: Drugs in the Water Change Wildlife Behavior

Fish and Pharmaceuticals
A new study in Sweden found that the presence of low levels of human anti-anxiety drugs caused wild European perch to become aggressive and isolated, Reuters reported. Trace amounts of pharmaceuticals can pass through wastewater treatment plants and are found in waters around the globe.

Water scarcity and stricter environmental regulations are increasing the risks and costs associated with mining projects, meaning that mining companies could receive lower credit ratings, Bloomberg News reported, citing Moody’s Investors Service. Small companies in places like South America, where water scarcity has already created tensions with local communities, are most at risk, Moody’s said.

Anti-Climate Change Funding
Anonymous billionaires were behind $US 120 million in donations that went to fund anti-climate change groups between 2002 and 2010, according to the Guardian.

U.S. Farmland Prices
The U.S. drought has put a premium on irrigated farmland, leading farmland values in the U.S. Plains to increase more than 20 percent, Reuters reported. Farms have been selling at record high prices.

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