CDC Estimates Costs of Waterborne Pathogens in the United States

Healthcare cost of infectious waterborne disease in the United States tops $3.3 billion, and more than 6,600 deaths are linked to illnesses spread by water, the CDC finds.

After Plumbing Code Setback, Georgia Health Officials Refocus Legionella Prevention Effort

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116 Confirmed Cases in North Carolina’s Largest Recorded Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak

Outbreak investigation centers on a fairgrounds in North Carolina’s western foothills.

‘Alarming’ Increase in U.S. Hepatitis A Cases, CDC Reports

The resurgence of the viral liver disease hepatitis A is linked to drug use and homelessness.

Risks Grow for Deadliest U.S. Drinking Water Hazard

Reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease are surging upwards.

Diseases of Poverty Identified in Alabama County Burdened by Poor Sanitation

Study finds “shocking” incidence of parasite infections in Lowndes County.

Septic System Pollution Contributes to Disease Outbreaks

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America’s Spreading Septic Threat

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Americas Water levels on Lake Michigan and Lake Huron have reached…

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Cholera in Haiti — The Climate Connection

Researchers explain the correlation between environmental interactions and human health, as reported infections climb to 10,000 cases.