Manmade Flood Gives Life to Colorado River Delta

A battered ecosystem begins to recover. By Brett Walton,…

The Stream, September 23: Sand Mining and Water Quality

Plans to capture and store carbon have failed to gain traction…
Wild rice on the Bad River Reservation in northern Wisconsin is in the floating leaf stage by early June, with a single shoot lying on the water’s surface. This is considered one of the most critical—and and dangerous—stages in the rice’s life cycle. The plants are just beginning to change physiologically from exchanging gases with the water column to exchanging gases with the air. Therefore, they are very susceptible to heavy rains and flooding events that can either rip out the young plants by the roots, or drown them. June 6, 2011.

Where Food Grows on Water: Environmental and Human Threats to Wisconsin’s Wild Rice

For generations, the upper Great Lakes region has boasted harvests of wild rice, growing in Lake Superior and other watersheds within the basin. But disease, dams, and climate change are now endangering the uncultivated bounty.

Investment in Ecosystem Restoration Brings Water, Land Benefits, UNEP Report Says

Protecting natural capital provides significant benefits at a fraction of the cost of restoring a degraded ecosystems.

Project Replenishes Mythological Greek Lake

thessalyplain A legendary Greek lake, dead since the 1960s, is making a comeback.

Drought Strikes ‘Garden Of Eden’ Marshes In Iraq

Once described as the place of earthly paradise and source…

New Legislation to Restore Watersheds & Wilderness in American West

Protection for 2.1 million acres of land and 1,000 miles of rivers.

Betting Green on Blue: What does the Stimulus Package do for Water?

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Competition for sugar daddy: New bid may thwart government purchase of U.S. Sugar

As U.S. Sugar seeks to sell segments of its land, multiple interests…

Everglades are one step closer to restoration, almost

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida - The state of Florida is buying 300…