The Stream: Special Rio Edition

Super bacteria, green pools, and even a murder mystery splashed across headlines about water conditions in the Olympic host city.

Foul Water Conditions Found All Over the World

Rio waters are just most visible example of the planet’s polluted bays and rivers.

For Brazil, Rio Sewage is One of Many Water Challenges

Hydropower development, agricultural expansion, mining, and drought put growing pressure on Olympic host.

Sao Paulo’s Water Waiting Game Avoided Rationing But Produced Huge Risk of Severe Shortage

Desire to protect the poor left Brazil’s driest city few options…

The Stream, January 27: Water Pollution Strikes Chinese River

Levels of cadmium, a carcinogen, measured 20 percent higher than…

Investment in Ecosystem Restoration Brings Water, Land Benefits, UNEP Report Says

Protecting natural capital provides significant benefits at a fraction of the cost of restoring a degraded ecosystems.