Water – Making It Personal: Communicating A Sustainable Future

In late November at the Summit on the Global Agenda convened in Abu Dhabi, the World Economic Forum published the new book, Sustainable Consumption: Stakeholder Perspectives. Included is this essay by J. Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue's managing director.

Toxic Water: Across Much of China, Huge Harvests Irrigated with Industrial and Agricultural Runoff

The dirty truth about the world’s largest grain producer.

China’s Water Reserves and World’s Warming Atmosphere Wait For Natural Gas Breakthrough

China’s deep shale reserves are treacherous to tap and slow to develop.

China’s Other Looming Choke Point: Food Production

The Yellow River Basin is the center of a contest over water, energy, and agriculture.

Water Needs Curtail China’s Coal Gasification For Fuel, Yet Conversion To Chemicals Pushes Ahead

Though coal-to-liquids has been suspended due to water scarcity, the process uses 50 percent less water per unit of end product compared with coal-to-chemicals processes which have been given the go-ahead in hopes of slowing petroleum imports.
Water China Energy

Circle of Blue’s China Tour Finds Strong Reception for Water-Energy Choke Point Warning

Circle of Blue and the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum present at 17 events in 4 cities over 16 days.

China Responds to Explosive Growth, Pollution, and Water Scarcity in Latest Five-Year Plan

Will momentum for runaway development be too powerful to restrain?
Yellow River: China

Water Rights Transfers and High-Tech Power Plants Hold off Energy-Water Clash in Northern China

Along the Yellow River, China acts on looming crisis with ambitious…

A Dry and Anxious North Awaits China’s Giant, Unproven Water Transport Scheme

Authorities anticipate approval for new western line to tap energy reserves. Sparks and the blue flare of arc welders, like hot stars in the night sky, illuminate the interior of a massive water tunnel that crosses underneath the Yellow River.

Choke Point: China – Confronting Water Scarcity and Energy Demand in the World’s Largest Country

An escalating confrontation over resources; a confrontation with global implications.
Water & Energy Collision

In Era of Climate Change and Water Scarcity, Meeting National Energy Demand Confronts Major Impediments

The pursuit of energy development development reveal gaps in policymaking.