USGS groundwater water pollution contamination 2011 report arsenic manganese radon uranium

USGS Report: Trace Elements Exceed Health Standards in 20 Percent of U.S. Water Wells

Utilities are required by law to treat water to national standards, but no such controls exist for private wells, where the risk from contaminants is greater.

American Arsenic: After a Decade, Small Communities Still Struggle to Meet Federal Drinking Water Standards

When the EPA lowered the arsenic standard for drinking water from 50 parts per billion to 10 in 2001, there were 3,000 water systems in violation. Today, nearly a thousand still are.

Q&A: Josh Fox on the ‘Toxification’ of U.S. Water Sources in the Dig for Natural Gas

The documentary “Gasland" has shown at film festivals and on HBO.

One in Five US Water Treatment Systems Contained Illegal Chemicals, Study Finds

Senate hearing focuses on EPA's efforts to protect the nation's drinking water. The water for more than 49 million Americans has been contaminated with illegal concentrations of dangerous pollutants since 2004.

Reading Between the Cracks: Natural Gas Drilling Can Pollute Groundwater

A recent inquiry suggests the brew used during natural gas drilling may be poisoning water nationwide.