California Hepatitis Outbreak Has Killed 19 People

State health emergency declared in response to largest U.S. hepatitis A outbreak in more than two decades.

California Drought Puts Desalination, Fresh Water From The Sea, In A New Light

Era of ample water supply and cheap prices is ending.
Pharmaceuticals in the Water Systems Infographic

Drugs in the Water (And Ways to Prevent that from Happening)

Last month's national drug takeback day was more popular than ever. Antibiotic-resistant genetics have been found in California wetlands. FDA seeks voluntary disclosure of antibiotics in animal feed.
Shiprock, New Mexico: The Navajo Nation — which spans a 70,000-square-kilometer stretch of mesa, sand, and canyons in parts of New Mexico, Utah, and northern Arizona — is the largest and, arguably, the driest American Indian reservation in the United States.

Racing an Arizona Senator’s Retirement, Dry Navajo Nation Draws Closer to Securing More Water

The largest reservation in the U.S. has one of the nation's highest poverty rates — more than 40 percent — and very little water infrastructure. Many residents pay nearly 50 times the municipal cost for water, which instead is delivered from a tank in the back of a truck, often resulting in water-borne intestinal illnesses.

The Stream, October 27: China’s Desalination Plans

A program in California's Imperial Valley offers farmers money…
Going the Distance for Water

Infographic: Going the Distance, From Ashgabat to Whyalla—10 Cities Pumping Water From Afar

In many cities, water travels far to reach the tap. Residents of the planet's driest places rely on extensive waterways to deliver their supply. Click through the interactive infographic below to learn more about 10 cities that pipe water in from distant aquifers, plus additional plans to expand waterway networks even further.

San Diego residents to tighten their water belts

SAN DIEGO -- Having called for a 10 percent reduction in water…

San Diego television tells drought’s story

SAN DIEGO - San Diego's local television station, KPBS, engages…

San Diego must use less water or face emergency, officials concur

SAN DIEGO - San Diego's Mayor Jerry Sanders has called for voluntary…