The Stream, March 22: World Water Day 2011

The New York Times compares the water markets and policies of…

Peter Gleick: Unsafe Drinking Water for California’s Poor – Unfair, Unnecessary, and Unacceptable

The United States has -- for the most part -- an excellent tap…

Peter Gleick: Misusing California Water Numbers for Political Purposes: Jobs, Fish, and Lies

Anyone who pays attention to water in California knows that the state is just getting over (we hope) a serious three-year drought.

California Drought is No Problem for Kern County Oil Producers

Farmers do without water because of oil industry uses.

Peter Gleick: Stealing Water from the Future – California’s Massive Groundwater Overdraft Newly Revealed

A NASA report summarizing data collected from new satellites confirms what most water observers have known for a long time. Massive amounts of groundwater are being sucked out of California's Central Valley groundwater aquifers -- unreported, unmonitored, and unregulated.

Peter Gleick: ‘Drought Impacts on Unemployment Are Grossly Overstated’

Thus concludes a new comprehensive assessment of the impacts of the drought on Central Valley unemployment.

More Water for Fish, NOAA Declares

In an 800-page report, federal officials issued a dire prediction for California’s salmon -- they’re just about out of water. The only solution: cut water usage in the Central Valley.

Opinion — Time to tap into water-wise farmers’ well of ideas

Circle of Blue covered the Pacific Institute's newest report…

Utah mining corporation indicted for water pollution

Discharging selenium into watersheds remains a major problem…