Study: 80 Percent of U.S. Electricity from Renewables Is Technically Feasible, But Faces Significant Barriers

A massive U.S. government study shows what an electrical grid powered largely by renewable sources looks like, but not the path to get there.

Visions of Solar Energy’s Future Compete in Colorado’s San Luis Valley

The U.S. government is in the process of designating more than 6,000 hectacres of federal land for solar energy development. As companies line up to submit projects, some valley residents are questioning the centralized model of energy generation and are, instead, trying to shape an independent energy future.

Food vs. Water: High Commodity Prices Complicate Aquifer Protection in Colorado’s San Luis Valley

Decades of groundwater pumping have left one of the San Luis Valley aquifers in a perilous state. To restore its health — and the foundation of the local economy — valley leaders are developing a plan to pay farmers to fallow up to 16,000 hectares. But with commodity prices soaring, will anyone go for it, or will the state have to step in?