Report: Groundwater Pumping a Major Cause of Declining Water Storage in the Middle East

Satellite data shows the Tigris and Euphrates river basins are yet another example of how groundwater is being pumped at unsustainable rates across the world.

The Stream, July 12: Reforms in the UK Water Sector

Flood protection will cost the United Kingdom at least $1.3 billion…
Ocean Currents: Harness installation on primary structure

NASA Mission Measures How Ocean Salinity Affects Climate and Water Cycle

Launching in June, the Aquarius satellite mission will improve scientific understanding of the global water cycle.

Study: NASA Shows World’s Water is Warming, Buoy Data Confirms in Great Lakes

In some northern regions, lake temperatures are increasing more than air temperatures.

Eco-friendly Jack-in-the-Box?

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA --The environment's newest ally comes…

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For over 40 years, satellites have been orbiting the Earth quietly…