Satellite details from July 19, 2016 showing wildfires and smoke blanketing parts of Siberia. NASA/JPL

Projecting Global Water Supplies With A New Tool

ISciences develops predictive model for anticipating water stress. The…

Along Lake Superior Shore: Climate Change, CAFOs, and Camaraderie

Circle of Blue data reporter Kaye LaFond describes her experience as a fellow at the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources’ Lake Superior Institute.

The Science Communication Challenge

Circle of Blue intern Connor Bebb explains his passion for sharing information about our most important shared resource — water.

Nicaragua Canal Environmental Assessment Criticized As Scientifically Weak, Technically Inadequate

Expert panel finds “scientifically indefensible” conclusions in 14-volume study.

Report: Water, Temperature Changes Not Central Drivers of Sub-Sahara Africa Conflicts

Rainfall is not a strong motivator of violence, but higher temperatures…

Scrubbing Rocks, and Other Things Scientists Do

Basic scientific research is not glamorous. Photo Codi Kozacek…

What Happens in the Arctic Doesn’t Stay in the Arctic

Carbon dioxide released here can drive climate change elsewhere. Photo…

Where the Sun Never Sleeps (And Neither Do The Scientists)

COB reporter Codi Kozacek travels above the Arctic Circle. In…

Dennis Nelson

Dennis Nelson grew up on his family’s North Dakota farm, where…

Report: Why Asian Carp eDNA Still Matters in the Fight for the Great Lakes

Researchers see great promise in eDNA testing to detect invasive and rare species at low abundance — including invasive Asian carp — but refining the tool is a long process.

Report: Australian News Coverage Affects Public Acceptance of Policy and Science

Insufficient media coverage of the science behind water management…

Rohini Nilekani

Rohini Nilekani began her career as a journalist and writer.…