Tracing Kunming, China’s Freshwater Hazards

KUNMING — The ground quakes with a blast as the limestone fragments are blown from their roots, like giant white teeth shattered and unmoored. Nearby, a worker prepares his drill to place another stick of dynamite deep within the rock. He stops for a moment, places his foot high on the rubble and surveys the vast construction landscape that will soon become China's fourth largest airport.

Connecting Caves, Karst Landscapes and Climate Around the World

Scientists who study caves and karst landscapes are like all researchers. They look for data that addresses the broadest and most significant questions possible. It turns out that caves do a good job of providing significant answers. Those that contain animal fossils and records of ancient humans, for example, have been shown to have great value for understanding climate change and past environmental conditions.

Peter Gell: Murray-Darling’s Wetlands

Professor Peter Gell discuses the future of the Murray-Darling Basin.

South Australia: Acid Murray River Declared Undrinkable

ozmap The Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation in Australia urged landholders along the lower River Murray to secure alternative sources of drinking water