Photo Slideshow: America’s Water Infrastructure Shows Its Age

While the effects of America’s aging and eroding plumbing and water supply system are readily apparent, what to do about the infrastructure is not.
Om Prakash

Photo Slideshow and Q&A: Om Prakash Singh Documents the Perception and Harsh Realities of Water and Sanitation in Delhi, India

Delhi reportedly has a high percentage of coverage for sanitation and water supply. But one photographer has 74,000 images spanning the last 10 years that challenge the perception of progress

Tehuacán Video Essay: Scarcity and Solutions – Pt. 1

The Tehuacán Valley captures the tragedy and triumph of Mexico’s worst freshwater crisis in decades. In this video, meet Francisca Rosas Valencia, a leader who is working to better her community's water future.
Keweenaw Peninsula, Sand Point, L’Anse, Michigan, mine pollution, mine legacy, Lake Superior, stamp sands, copper, copper mining

Photo Slideshow: Tar Sands Oil Refinery Burdens a Detroit Community

Residents face the environmental and health consequences of a Marathon refinery expansion.

Photo Slideshow: A Desperate Clinch — Coal Production Across America

A look at the places and faces affected by coal production in the United States.

Photo Slideshow: Michigan’s New Natural Gas Rush — The Landowners’ Perspectives

Who owns the land that could feed the United States' natural gas needs?

The Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region

Images from the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region--including Bhutan, Nepal, China, Tibet and India

Photo Slideshow: Stunning Water Images from the European Space Agency

Images from space including the Ganges River in the Himalayas and the Fox Basin in the Canadian Arctic.

Photo Slideshow: Divining Destiny in Mexico’s Tehuacán Valley

Newsweek's Latin America bureau chief and a top Getty photographer from South Africa were among the team that produced the content seen here.

China Karst | Slideshow

WaterViews | China | Slide Show

Images by Greg Girard / Contact Press Images for Circle of Blue