Photo Slideshow: Stunning Water Images from the European Space Agency

Stunning images of some of the world’s rarest freshwater resources as seen from space.

The European Space Agency produces another series of compelling photographs of Earth’s water bodies as seen from space, including the Ganges River in the Himalayas as well as the Fox Basin in the Canadian Arctic. They chart the history and flow of water on the blue planet, in many cases highlighting the intersection of climate change and water scarcity.

Images published with permission by European Space Agency (ESA)
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  1. john delano says:

    Great study, accurate and timely. Humanity however created politics before this report and all logic and planning required to survive the next 100 years as a country has been lost to these politicians.
    What has to be organized is the example set by the Egyptions and the example of the 7 year drought.
    One Man the paroah, the dictator said” We will store one seventh of our grain is a safe storage so it will be available in the drought year.”
    very simple, but i fear impossible in a democracy.

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