The Stream, July 4: Controversy Continues Over Laos Dam

Researchers have warned that the steady decline in world water-monitoring stations will likely have a negative impact on water management, The New York Times reported.

Demonstrators in Cambodia took to the streets last Friday to protest Laos’ controversial Xayaburi Dam on the Mekong River, according to AlertNet. Reports suggest that Laos has moved beyond preliminary construction on the hydropower dam, despite neighboring countries’ opposition to the project.

Approximately 29 billion cubic meters (1.02 trillion cubic feet) of water is lost each year in Asia due to leaks, costing water utilities $9 billion in revenue, according to a study from the Asian Development Bank, Bloomberg News reported.

Monsoon rains in India have hit a lull, raising fears that there will be water shortages in agricultural regions, Reuters reported. The rains were 31 percent below average in June, but officials expect improvements next week.

North America
This article from Yale Environment 360 argues that Canada’s current government has been weakening environmental regulations, with dire consequences for the country’s natural resources.

The United States will seek a record $3.7 million civil fine from Enbridge for a 2010 pipeline accident that spilled 800,000 gallons (3 million liters) of crude oil into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River, The New York Times reported.

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