The Stream, May 16: How Satisfactory Is World Water Quality?

A new poll from Gallup asked people in 140 countries how satisfied they were with their air and water quality. The results, which you can find here, show that those in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are least satisfied with their water.

Engineers have unveiled a way to clean water without using filters that is cheaper and uses less energy, Planet Forward and Bloomberg News reported. Videos show how the invention, using a vortex, separates contaminants from dirty water.

Climate Change
World biodiversity has dropped 28 percent in the last 40 years, due in large part to growing human consumption of natural resources, says a study from the World Wildlife Fund, EurActiv reported. The study asserts that by 2030, even two Earths would not be enough to sustain human activity if current patterns continue.

The United Nations will begin efforts to allow carbon credits for small-scale projects, especially in rural areas of developing countries, Bloomberg News reported.

The lingering drought in China’s Yunnan province has dried up 673 small reservoirs and left 549 small and mid-sized rivers with below-average water levels, Xinhua reported. The provincial government has set aside $US 404 million to combat the drought.

China’s new drinking water standards will require supplies to meet 106 criteria for microbes, organic substances and purification levels, China Radio International reported. The new standards will take effect across the country in July.

Environmental violations issued to Pennsylvania’s natural gas drillers in 2011 dropped 54 percent from the number of violations recorded in 2008, according to a study by New York’s University at Buffalo’s Shale Resources and Society Institute, Bloomberg News reported.

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