Infographic: Interactive Timeline Mapping China’s Drought-ridden Provinces Since 2007

Water scarcity is becoming an increasingly persistent problem for China, with droughts affecting several regions over the last four years.

This spring’s extreme weather is the latest in a series of water shortages, exposing the risks that limited freshwater resources pose for the world’s biggest agricultural producer, top energy consumer, and fastest-growing industrial economy. Click through the interactive infographic below to learn more about the provinces impacted by this spring’s drought, as well as how droughts in previous seasons have affected other parts of China.

China 2011 Drought Infographic Water Scarcity Map Timeline

Map © Mark Townsend / Circle of Blue
Infographic: Drought in China. Click through the interactive timeline to see what provinces have experienced drought during seasons since 2007. Roll over the dots to read more information about how each region was affected.Click here for the HTML version of Drought in China.

Map by Mark Townsend, a recent graduate of Ball State University’s journalism graphics program. Townsend is a Traverse City-based designer for Circle of Blue and can be reached at

This graphic was made to accompany Circle of Blue reporter Nadya Ivanova‘s report, Rains Bring Relief for Six-month China Drought, But Chronic Water Problems Loom.

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