The Stream, January 16: Asian Carp

Lake Erie and some of its biggest tributary rivers have just the right conditions for Asian carp to make themselves at home, according to a study by scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey, Associated Press reported. The invasive species have infested numerous tributaries of the Mississippi River, including the Illinois River, and are threatening to get into Lake Michigan through a shipping canal near Chicago.

Thousands of people protested throughout Bulgaria over the weekend, calling for a moratorium on shale gas exploration and demanding a new law to ban unconventional drilling for gas in the southeastern European country, Reuters reported.

New York state regulators should set limits for radioactive materials in gas-drilling wastewater sent to public treatment plants before allowing any hydraulic fracturing in the state, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection agency.

Though in 2011 China saw major increases in solar, wind and hydropower production, its clean energy surge was still dampened the growth in coal consumption, the Guardian reported. Will China cap its coal consumption in 2012?

Here’s China’s insane air pollution, as seen from space.

India might build nine more big dams in the Laddakh region in Kashmir, The News International reported.

Rising temperatures are affecting vineyards from France to Chile, with some traditional winemaking regions scrambling to adapt while other areas are slowly turning into the world’s new wine frontiers, according to this report for Yale Environment 360.

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