With Heavy Spring Rains, Lake Erie Algal Bloom Forecast Gets Worse and Worse

The latest Lake Erie forecast projects a large buildup of harmful cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, this summer.

Small Lake Erie Algae Bloom Predicted, But Work Isn’t Done

Researchers hone plans to cut phosphorus and mitigate future blooms.

Limits Set To Stop Lake Erie Algae Blooms

U.S. and Canada agree to reduce phosphorus levels 40 percent.

Asian Carp Would Significantly Alter – But Not Destroy – Lake Erie Fisheries

A new study offers a clear-eyed warning about the ramifications…

Great Lakes Water Quality Remains in Spotlight in 2015

Safe drinking water tops list of concerns. Photo © J.…

Great Lakes States Take Halting Steps Toward Water Protections

Governments in the nation’s most water-rich region are responding…

U.S. Clean Water Law Needs New Act for the 21st Century

Seminal water law does not address nation's emerging water pollution challenges.

The Toledo Water Crisis, One Year Later

Circle of Blue reporter Codi Kozacek summarizes the major steps taken to reduce toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie.

Binational Lake Erie Phosphorus Targets Proposed to Curb Algae

To limit toxic algae blooms, the United States and Canada will need to reduce nutrient pollution by 40 percent.

Lake Erie Toxic Algae Bloom Forecast Spikes

After a slow start this spring, nutrient pollution accelerated over the past week in Lake Erie.

Toxic Algae Blooms Prompt Clean-Up Commitment from Great Lakes Governors

State and provincial leaders act to end danger to Lake Erie, which has suffered from a resurgence of nutrient pollution and toxic algae outbreaks over the past decade.

Biggest Lakes in the World Under Pressure From Human and Environmental Threats

Across continents and hemispheres, a growing list of human and environmental pressures threaten the world’s largest lakes, inhibiting their ability to supply water, drive economic activity, preserve biodiversity, and sustain communities.