California Designs First Statewide Water Affordability Program

Many questions before the program begins operating. By…

Infographic: WASH and Urbanization — Providing Sanitation and Water Services by Country

Entry in the 2011 Urban Water Design Challenge, sponsored by and Circle of Blue.

The Price of Wastewater: A Comparison of Sewer Rates in 30 U.S. Cities

Following Circle of Blue’s survey of water prices, we examine the wastewater costs of the same 30 major cities.

UN Declares Access to Water and Sanitation a Human Right

While 122 of the 192 member states voted in favor of the resolution, the U.S. abstained.

Where Energy Development Puts Rivers at Risk

American Rivers’ annual tally of threatened rivers highlights effects of drilling for natural gas.

Nitrate Contamination Spreading in California Communities’ Water

The California Watch nitrates project revealed that wells that serve more than two million Californians have been contaminated with nitrates at levels that surpass the public health limit.

World Water Day Panelists Urge New Mindset for Wastewater Treatment

Newly-released UNEP report details challenges, benefits of expanding wastewater treatment coverage.