Heart of Dryness: Reversing the Politics of Water Scarcity from the Kalahari to Suburbia

The final installment of our seven-part series of excerpts from James G. Workman's Heart of Dryness examines how we define water rights for the Bushmen in Botswana as well as suburbanites in the U.S.

Photo Slideshow: Divining Destiny in Mexico’s Tehuacán Valley

Newsweek's Latin America bureau chief and a top Getty photographer from South Africa were among the team that produced the content seen here.

Peter Gleick: Water Fountain Victory — the Cavs Cave

OK, my crystal ball is often cloudy, but in my last post just two days ago, I predicted that the decision by the Cleveland Cavaliers to remove the drinking water fountains from the Quicken Loans Arena (the Q), ostensibly for health reasons, would ultimately be reversed.